EV Charging, Broadway, holiday cottage

EV Charging Points at Broadway Manor Cottages

EV Charging Station, Broadway
EV Charging Station, Broadway

EV-Charging at Broadway Manor Cottages

An increasing number of our guests staying in our Cotswold holiday cottages in Broadway have hybrid cars or fully electric vehicles. At Broadway Manor Cottages we have two electric vehicle (EV) charging points so that our guests are able to plug in their vehicle overnight, ready for the next day’s ecologically friendly adventures.

Both chargers are untethered so our guests need to bring their own cables. We have a ‘Slow’ EV point, a standard 3kW 13 Amp supply (6-8 hours for full charge) and a ‘Fast’ 7kW 32 Amp (3-4 hours charge). The chargers are available for guest use only and on a first come first served basis.

Nearly all electric models can be slow charged with a charging cable with the appropriate connectors: a standard three-pin plug or Blue Commando connector (IEC 60309) at the charging point end and either a Commando unit or the more modern gun shaped SAE J1772 socket for connection to the vehicle.

Fast charging reduces charge times to around half that of a slow charge by at least doubling the current to around 32 amps (7 kW). The time for a full charge is typically 3 to 4 hours. Most commercial and many public on-street chargers already use this technology however it is very likely that this charge rate will continue to become the most increasingly used across the UK.

While not all electric vehicles are able to accept a fast charge at 32 amps, most can be connected to them (with the right connector) and will draw either 13 or 32 amps depending on their capability. While Blue Commando plugs (IEC 60309) were the most common connector type used at the charger end, these are steadily being replaced by the more versatile 7-pin Mennekes plug (IEC 62196).

If you would like to bring your hybrid/electric vehicle whilst staying in our cottages please contact us for further information about charging fees.

Debbie Williamson
Broadway Manor Cottages

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