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Green and sustainable tourism in the Cotswolds, Broadway Manor Cotswold holiday cottages
Broadway Manor Cottages

Our rural environment in the Cotswolds AONB
Our Location in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Our Indian Runner Ducks and Chickens
Our chickens and Indian Runner Ducks

Tips and recipes to reduce food waste - Love Food Hate Waste

We recycle for the RNIB


Energy Saving Trust logoCarbon Offset your stay with Broadway Manor Cottages

Skylark organic fruit and vegetable boxes
Skylark Organic Fruit & Vegetable Boxes
Friday delivery to all our cottages

Enjoy a Car Free Day
Leave the car behind and enjoy a Car Free Day in and around Broadway

Small skipper butterfly at Broadway Manor Cottages, the Cotswolds
Small Skipper Butterfly on the lavender in our extensive grounds

Orchard blossom, Broadway Manor Cottages
Blossom in our orchard

Mallard ducklings

Autumn colour in the Cotswolds
Autumn colour in the Cotswolds

Cardoon, Broadway Manor Cottages
Cardoon in our grounds

Our environment, Broadway, the Cotswolds
West End, Broadway

Our Environment and Eco-Tourism
at Broadway Manor Cottages

At Broadway Manor Cottages we care about our environment. We have been awarded the following Sustainable Tourism accolades:

We are committed to working in a sustainable way and take care to reduce, re-use and recycle at all times. We are undertaking the following actions in order to achieve this and have also listed below how we strive to reduce our waste, pollution, carbon impact and environmental impact.




Our Responsible Visitor Charter

At Broadway Manor Cottages we are working towards becoming one of the most eco-friendly self catering places to stay in Worcestershire, but we need your help to achieve that target. As a guest you have a very important role in helping us conserve our natural assets and become a more sustainable destination. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Conserve energy – Reduce energy by switching off lights when not needed and by closing windows when the heating is on. Please use the outside airer rather than the tumble dryer whenever possible.

  2. Leave you car behind – If only for a day, walk, cycle or take the bus - Enjoy a Car Free Day. Walk whenever visiting the village (we provide torches so that you can walk home after dark). It is only a short walk from your cottage into the centre of the village. Please ask for bus timetables or local bicycle hire.

  3. Shop local, eat local – Use local products and the village for your shopping to help support our local community. There are some great farm shops in the area and the local foods such as asparagus, apples and plums are not to be missed.

  4. Reduce, recycle, reuse - Try to avoid overly packaged goods and say no to that extra carrier bag. In our Laundry Room there are some jute bags, please use them for your shopping and return them after use or reuse your plastic bags. Please recycle and use the recycling and compost bins available.

  5. Be water wise - Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and only use the washing machine when you have a full load.

  6. Respect our environment and nature – We are in The Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Please help us to look after our wonderful landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths and cycle ways responsibly. Ensure you follow the Countryside Code.

  7. Carbon Offset your stay with us with Carbon Footprint.

  8. Support Green business – Whenever possible, please support the hundreds of businesses in the region trying to reduce their carbon footprints. Members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme can be identified by the above logo - have a look at for more information.

Most importantly we hope you enjoy your stay with us and we’d like you to come back! If you feel there is anything else we could be doing to reduce our environmental impact please let us know.

Wildlife in our Grounds

We encourage wildlife in our garden and woodland areas and if you stay with us you will see a wide variety of wildlife during your stay. Our regular inhabitants include:

During your stay you are invited to take time to wander through the grounds (day or night) and see whether you can spot any of the above or even some not mentioned. Please record any sightings in the Nature Diary in the Laundry Room. Please also take a look at our online Nature Diary.

As there are few street lights near us, please take time to look up and see the stars on clear nights!

Ross and Debbie Williamson